Fake It Till You Make It: Accomplish Anything You Want by Acting “As If”

Imagine yourself taking a seat in a waiting room.

In just a few minutes you’re supposed to get up and walk through the door in front of you to participate in a job interview for your dream job.

You’ve prepared yourself relentlessly, rehearsed all the potential questions that could come up many times over.

You set three alarm clocks just in case and showed up 30 minutes early.

So far everything’s going according to plan and still a quiet panic is spreading inside.

When you try to remember what you’ve been planning to say your mind goes blank.

You feel slightly nauseous, your hands are getting sweaty and your knees seems to be shaking even though you’re sitting down. [Read more...]

How to Worry Less by Cleaning Up Your Thoughts

how-to-worry-lessImagine waking up to the sound of your alarm clock only to find you’ve apparently snoozed four times and need to get moving pretty fast if you’re going to be at work on time.

You make up your lost time by rushing through your morning but just as you’re about to leave for work, your keys seem to have vanished from the face of the Earth.

When you finally find them and get out the door 15 minutes later than planned you think to yourself ”this day is going to be a disaster”.

This type of thought is what psychologists refer to as a cognitive distortion and in this example you’re experiencing an ”overgeneralization” – a tendency to reach a general conclusion based on a single incident.

Cognitive distortions come in a variety of different forms and learning to deal with them can be a massive help to interpret the world in a much more nuanced way and at the same time effectively deal with worry. [Read more...]

Transform Your Life by Transforming Your Vocabulary


What you habitually fill your speech bubbles with has tremendous affects on you.

If you were put into an MRI scanner (a huge donut-shaped magnet that can record the ongoing neural changes in your brain) and the word ”NO” was flashed before your eyes for less than a second some interesting effects would occur.

A sudden release of dozens of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters would immediately interrupt the normal functioning of your brain impairing logic, reason, language processing and communication.

Seeing a list of negative words for a just few seconds can actually damage key structures of the brain that regulate memory, feelings and emotions (1).

When you express your negativity in words or ever so slightly frown when you say ”no” stress chemicals will be released, not only in your brain, but in the listeners brain as well (2).

On the flip side, using words like ”peace” and ”love” can turn on genes that reduce physical and emotional stress (3). [Read more...]

Creating a Morning Ritual for Champions

At 9:56 AM of August 13th , 2008, Michael Phelps stood behind his starting block ready to race the 200-meter butterfly final in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

He was bouncing slightly on his toes. When the announcer said his name, Phelps stepped onto the block, as he always did before a race, and then stepped down, as he always did.

He swung his arms three times, just the way he had before every race since he was 12 years old.

He then stepped onto the blocks again, got into his usual stance and leapt into the water to the sound of the starting gun.

As soon as he hit the water he knew something was wrong. [Read more...]

How to Change Your Habits by Changing Your Environment


The location of the ballot box may decide who you vote for.

What would you say determined your voting decisions in the last local or national election? Political references? A party’s stance on a particular issue?

Factors like these will of course influence your decision but researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Business have found that rational thinking isn’t the only thing that will determine the outcome of your vote.

A much more subtle factor may also play a role – the particular type of polling location in which you happen to vote (1). [Read more...]