Creating a Morning Ritual for Champions

At 9:56 AM of August 13th , 2008, Michael Phelps stood behind his starting block ready to race the 200-meter butterfly final in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

He was bouncing slightly on his toes. When the announcer said his name, Phelps stepped onto the block, as he always did before a race, and then stepped down, as he always did.

He swung his arms three times, just the way he had before every race since he was 12 years old.

He then stepped onto the blocks again, got into his usual stance and leapt into the water to the sound of the starting gun.

As soon as he hit the water he knew something was wrong. [Read more...]

How to Change Your Habits by Changing Your Environment


The location of the ballot box may decide who you vote for.

What would you say determined your voting decisions in the last local or national election? Political references? A party’s stance on a particular issue?

Factors like these will of course influence your decision but researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Business have found that rational thinking isn’t the only thing that will determine the outcome of your vote.

A much more subtle factor may also play a role – the particular type of polling location in which you happen to vote (1). [Read more...]

How to Plan Effectively, Stay on Budget & Be on Time

how-to-plan-effectivelyIn July 1997 the proposed new Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh was estimated to cost up to $66,5 million.

By June 1999, the budget for the building had increased to $181 million.

In April of 2000 legislators imposed a $324 million ”cap on costs” and by November 2001 they demanded an estimate ”final cost” of $400 million.

That estimated final cost then rose twice in 2002, ending the year at $489 million. It then rose three more times in 2003, reaching $624 million by June.

In 2004 the building was finally completed at an ultimate cost of roughly $716 million, more than 10 times as expensive as the initial estimation. [Read more...]

How to Not Procrastinate: The Power of The Tiny First Step


Happy family watching Läderlappen.

In the early 90’s when I was about 10 years old I was completely hooked on a TV series that had everything you can possibly need.

Action, drama, romance (a little bit), a cool car and sound effects that were spelled out in speech bubbles when someone got hit on the mouth or were thrown across the room.

You guessed it – I’m talking about but the 60s (super-awesome) tv series version of Läderlappen. Or Batman, as it’s called in English. The translation to Läderlappen never made any sense to me as it’s direct translation is The Leather Patch. But anyway.

What had me, and pretty much all of my friends, so completely hooked on this show was not so much the brilliant acting and jaw-dropping action scenes as you may expect. Not as much as… [Read more...]

How to Educate Yourself & Unleash Your Creativity

When I was in elementary school me and my classmates were assigned to read a book called Goodnight Mister Tom.

As I’m researching this article the book actually looks pretty good but at that point in time I had no intention of actually reading it.

To tell you the truth, I went out of my way to find a way to pass the assignment without having to crack the thing open.

This was my standard practice for all educational material that came my way that didn’t spark an immediate interest.

I usually found ways to effortlessly pass these assignments by skimming the most important sections and make it seem like I had put in more time and effort than I actually had.

Little did I know how much I was damaging my creativity and limiting my understanding of the world. [Read more...]