Positive Self-Talk: Being Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

Imagine participating in an experiment in which you’re asked to ride a bicycle until you’re completely exhausted. 

A group of scientists will soon be measuring your heart rate, pedaling power and pace. They instruct you to rate how hard the exercise feels during different points of the exercise and attach electrodes to your forehead and cheeks to monitor your grimaces.

You get on the bike and pedal feverishly at about 80 percent of your predetermined maximum force until you simply can’t take it anymore and stop.

In two weeks, you’ll do the same test again. Only this time you’ll have been doing your regular exercise after being coached in ”self-talk”, the verbal banter many athletes use during workouts and competitions.

Compared to the control group that’ll receive no self-talk coaching, how well do you think you’d do? [Read more…]

How to Stick to Your Goals By Raising the Stakes

It’s 6:00 am and your alarm goes off. As you fumble for your alarm clock you try to make sense of the situation.

”Why is the alarm going off at this freakishly early hour?!” And then you remember; you promised yourself to hit the gym before work.

The next second you’re negotiating with yourself; ”Hmm, I’m actually really tired. I wonder if it’s even healthy to work out when I’m this tired.

I could go to the gym after work. Wait, there’s probably no time for that. But I could go to the gym tomorrow instead, when I’m better prepared.

Now, let’s see how cool the pillow is on the other side.”

… And then this routine repeats itself every morning until you’ve forgotten about your gym membership altogether. [Read more…]

How to Reach Your Goals by Getting Yourself Addicted to Them

Imagine you go to see a play which costs $10 for a ticket. When you open your wallet or purse you realize that you’ve lost a $10 bill.

Would you still pay for the ticket? There’s a good chance you would – only 12 percent of people say they wouldn’t.

Now, imagine you go to see the movie and pay $10 for the ticket, but right before you hand it over to get inside you realize you’ve lost it.

Would you go back and buy another ticket? Maybe, but this scenario hurts a bit more and no less than 54% of people would skip the movie if this was to happen. (1)

But when you think about it, the situation is exactly the same. You lose $10 and then must pay $10 to see the movie. Somehow, the second scenario still feels different than the first one. Say hello to… [Read more…]

Reduce Stress, Increase Energy & Save Time With an Evening Routine

I’ve written before about how a morning ritual is the perfect warm up routine to take on your day like a champion.

I’ve also written about the importance of taking sleep seriously and how to get better at it.

But sleeping well and getting the most out of your morning routine starts before you even drift off.

It starts with your habitual way of getting ready for sleep – it starts with… [Read more…]

Creating Memories: A “Present” Your Future Self Will Love

“I walked into the office, stood before Soc’s desk, and said, “There are no ordinary moments”.

Soc smiled. “Welcome back.” I collapsed on the couch and he made tea.

After that, I treated every moment in the gym–on the ground as well as in the air–as special, worthy of my full attention.

Further lessons would be necessary though, for as Socrates had explained to me more than once, the ability to extend razor-sharp attention to every moment in my daily life would require much more practice.” [Read more…]