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Jen Anderson, Florida, USA

jenandersonink_1422817223_87If you’re tired of questioning your relationship with drinking, I can help.

As a former alcohol enthusiast myself, I’m well-versed in the ups and downs of breaking this destructive habit.

Drawing from my personal experiences as well as my work with more than 200 clients, I can help you take these difficult first steps.

With me, you’ll never feel the need to apply labels that feel uncomfortable.

We’ll take small, manageable steps to help you achieve the healthy balance you’re seeking.

What Clients Are Saying About Jen

“Jen jas been a constant non judgemental support during my journey and has helped me immensely to conquer the tasks and goals at hand. Sometimes it is ‘here is he plan’ sometimes, ‘checking in to see how you are doing’. She has been a major positive factor in my recovery process and will continue to be into the future.”
— Damon

“Jen showed me how to believe in myself again. Her warm guidance has given me an overflowing toolbox of resources, a strong sense of self, and the confidence to pursue the things that I want most in life. Her coaching was undoubtably the catalyst for my personal growth and I am forever grateful!”
— Julie

“Jen has enabled me to retain my sobriety through rough times, and has shown me how to help myself when support was not forthcoming from friends/family. She has demonstrated a deep understanding of the volatile problems surrounding alcohol addiction.”
— Eliese

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