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patrikedblad3If you are in search of a trustworthy writer with a proven track record of producing top-quality articles that can generate buzz, boost traffic, and secure more customers, you’re in the right place!

My rate ranges from 20-25 cents per word for regular articles and 1-1,25 dollars per word for ghostwriting.

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I’m deeply committed to the craft of writing and I won’t release anything that I am not happy to put my name to.

When you work with me, you can expect top-level quality, professionalism, and efficiency.

To make sure you’re satisfied, I offer two free revisions for each piece.

Published Samples

Below you will find excerpts from a selection of my articles with links to the full posts:

–> How to Be the Person Who Just Shows Up and Gets Work Done Every Single Day (The Muse)

the muse“No matter what you’re trying to get done, it certainly gets easier when you have that nice feeling of motivation fueling your efforts.

But please note that’s exactly what motivation is. It’s a FEELING.

And the thing about feelings is that they fluctuate. No one is motivated all the time.

So, when you rely on this feeling to take action, you’re essentially leaving your most desired outcomes up to chance. Not a good plan.”

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–> If You Want to Get Rid of Bad Habits Without Putting in Much Effort, This Tip’s Right Up Your Alley (The Muse)

themuse2“We often assume that we do what we do because of who we are. But the truth is, a lot of what we do is the result of where we are.

A fascinating study by researchers Eric Johnson and Daniel Goldstein beautifully illustrates this point.

What they did were investigate the answers people gave to the following question:

Would you like to be an organ donor?”

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–> How to Make Small Habit Changes That’ll Lead to Big Results (The Muse)

the-muse“I talk a lot about the importance of starting small when you’re getting into a new habit.

And this is indeed an important and very powerful strategy for establishing a new behavior.

Starting small allows you to get out of your head and start building the momentum necessary to make the habit stick.

But once your new behavior is a reliable part of your daily routine, it’s equally important to increase your efforts to get better at what you do.”

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–> Who Knew Reaching Your Potential Could Be This Simple? (The Muse)

themuse“Imagine sitting down at a table in a small room with seven other people.

You’re all about to participate in a psychology experiment concerning people’s visual judgments.

The experimenter places two cards in front of you. The card on the left contains one vertical line. The card to the right has three lines of varying length.

The whole group is now asked, one at a time, to choose which of the three lines on the right card match the length of the left card. This task is repeated several times with different cards.”

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–> How to Breathe Correctly (A Surprisingly Important Guide) (Lifehacker)

lifehacker“Did you know that your regular breathing pattern is very likely screwing up your body and its functions in tons of different ways?

Yup. Without knowing it you might be messing up your sleep, mood, digestion, heart, nervous system, muscles, brain and even the development of your teeth and face structure. Yikes.

On the flip side are all the benefits to be gained from learning a few simple principles for proper breathing.

These would be more energy, improved health, greater harmony, less anxiety, less fear, better relationships and just a happier life in general.

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–> Screw Inspiration — This is How to Show Up and Get Real Work Done Every Day (Elephant Journal)

elephant-journal“I wrote my first article in April 2013.

Since then, my writing has been featured on some of the most popular publications in the world.

As a result, my readership has grown into the thousands with more people joining every day.

To me, this is amazing. I never thought so many people would care about what I have to say.

And for a long time, no one did.”

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–> This is the 1 Thing Successful People Do Differently (Better Humans)

brick-wall“In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, psychologist Walter Mischel explored the self-control in children with a simple but effective test.

He and his researchers began their experiments by presenting a preschooler with a plate of treats such as marshmallows.

The child was then told that the researcher had to leave the room for a couple of minutes. Before they left, they gave the child the two options:

”If you wait until I come back you’ll get two marshmallows. If you can’t wait, you can ring a bell and I will come back immediately, but then can only have the marshmallow in front of you.”

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–> This is The Best Way to Easily Improve Your Life, Backed by Research (Better Humans)

easily improve your life 2“Research suggests that more than 40 percent of the actions we take each day are habitual.

That means that almost that half the time you’re doing something, it’s not because you decided to do it.

You’re doing it simply because you’ve done it so many times in the past that the behavior has become automatic.

The best way to easily improve your life is to learn how to change these habits.”

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tony-stubblebine“Patrik is a master at writing with impact.

Every sentence achieves the magical pairing of being both advice that works and advice that resonates.

The system he uses for his writing works for anyone who cares about reaching a large audience with memorable information.”

Tony Stubblebine, Founder of


Sarah Moore“Patrik is an excellent writer, and his words always resonate with readers.

If I ever want to create an engaging piece that will excite my audience, he’s my go-to guy.

I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to create a name for themselves in the crazy space we call the Internet.”

Sarah Moore, Founder of New Leaf Writing


avatar-square“Patrik knows how to tell a good story. He’s incredibly diligent in his research. Patrik keeps digging for sources long after others settle and it shows. His writing is succinct, witty and always drives the point home.

Pat’s feedback for my own writing has been invaluable and his articles keep me venturing down their rabbit hole and paying close attention.

I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to build an engaged audience of raving fans.”

Niklas Goeke, Founder of Four Minute Books


colin-robertson“As a science writer, I’m not one to read many blogs, but Patrik’s articles are among the few I never miss.

His writing stands out from the crowd due to his remarkable ability to select interesting and valuable content topics.

I’m always amazed at the relevance of the headlines that arrive in my inbox, and I never regret clicking to read more.”

Colin Robertson, Founder of Willpowered

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