Recommended Books: 47 Great Reads to Optimize Your Life

This page is where I share the best books in various categories related to optimizing your life.

It’s an ever-expanding resource based on many hours of reading and researching.

If you don’t have time for mediocre books, this list is for you.

You can be sure that each title is a fantastic read well worth your time.

Without further ado, here are the…

Best Goal Setting Books

Best Habits Books

Best Happiness Books

Best Health Books

Best Mental Toughness Books

Best Mindset Books

Best Motivation Books

Best Peak Performance Books

Best Personal Productivity Books

Best Self-Improvement Books

Best Reading Deal


Listening to audiobooks is a fun and effective way to finish more books. Just by plugging in your earphones and pressing play, you can turn boring commutes and house chores into opportunities for personal growth.

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